Realistic Kinkajou 3D Model Animated Fur

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Fully rigged and animated Kinkajou 3D model for your projects. Realistic furry kinkajou 3D Model for purchase and download.

Realistic Kinkajou 3D Model Animated Fur

Introducing a fully rigged and animated Kinkajou 3D model more natural version for your game options, VR, and rendering projects. The Kinkajou is a high-quality 3D model designed to add more detail and realism to your projects. This fully detailed and textured 3D Kinkajou model is suitable for close-up renders. The final images are rendered with Arnold.

Hair and fur

The native Hair and fur 3ds Max modifier were used to create the hair.

Textures formats and resolution

The model is provided with high-resolution texture (color maps are .PNG)

  • Kinkajou_Diffuse_Color (8192x8192)
  • Kinkajou_Hair_Color (8192x8192)
  • Kinkajou_Mutant_Color (1024x1024)
  • Kinkajou_Eyes_Color (2048x2048)
  • Kinkajou_Normal (8192x8192)
  • Kinkajou_Bump (8192x8192)
  • Kinkajou_Displacment (2048x2048)
  • Kinkajou_Gloss (8192x8192)
  • Kinkajou_Reflection_Mask (8192x8192)
  • Kinkajou_Specular (8192x8192)
  • Knikajou_Body_Hair_Alpha (4096x4096)
  • Knikajou_Body_Hair_Alpha-01 (4096x4096)
  • Knikajou_Body_Hair_Root_Density (8192x8192)
  • Knikajou_Body_Hair_Root_Tickness (8192x8192)

Rigging and Animation

Rigging was done with the CAT object. The kinkajou is fully rigged (with FK and IK) and ready for any animations.

You can use Cat Motion animation layers for a walk animation. To create some custom animation you can use Abs (absolute) layers.

CATMotion Layer

  • -Walk 35f
  • +L Walk 35f Adjustments
  • Abs T-pose
  • Abs Face Test Animation
  • +L Ears Moving
  • +L Ears Moving 2
  • +L Eyes Closed
  • +L Eyes Blink
  • Abs Sitting Pose 01
  • Abs Sitting Pose 02
  • Abs Dream Animation
  • Abs Thinking Animation

L: Local Layer - This layer can reflect over other layers using a local coordinate system.

W: World Layer - This layer can reflect over other layers using a global coordinate system.

Abs: Absolute Layer - This layer covers everything above and has its own unique coordinate system. The Absolute Layer can contain either a single pose or various animations.

.DAE and .FBX files also contain rigging and skin weight information.

Suitable for realistic HD animations, games, VR options, films, and video productions!

It's a simple setup.

Potos flavus


The kinkajou boasts many local names, including mico de noche and martucha.

Location S. Mexico to South America


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