Animated Furry Lion 3D Model


Animated Lion 3D model with realistic fur to bring a natural and realistic touch to your rendering and video production projects. Purchase and download now!

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Animated Furry


Animated Furry Lion 3D Model

Elevate the quality and realism of your gaming, VR experiences, and rendering projects with this exceptional animated lion 3D model. Immerse your audience in a captivating and authentic experience with the meticulously designed features of this model.

Key Features:

  • Intricate Details: The model boasts intricate details, delivering a fully realistic representation of a lion, complete with multilayered hair grooming achieved solely through the 3ds Max Hair and Fur modifier. This high level of detail is especially suitable for close-up renders.
  • Rigged and Animated: The lion model is fully rigged and animated, providing a lifelike portrayal for your rendering projects. The furry body and mane have been meticulously crafted using the hair groom feature of the 3ds Max Hair and Fur modifier, all achieved without the need for additional plugins.
  • Optimized Polygonal Model: The high-quality polygonal model is correctly scaled, offering an accurate representation of the original object. Model resolutions are optimized for polygon efficiency, and the MeshSmooth function in 3ds Max can be utilized to increase mesh resolution if necessary.
  • Fully Textured and Materialized: The model is fully textured, with all materials applied. Included are high-resolution textures in PNG format for various components, ensuring a visually appealing and detailed representation.

Texture Formats and Resolution:

  • Lion_Diffuse (4096x4096)
  • Lion_Bump (4096x4096)
  • Lion_Specular (4096x4096)
  • Lion-Hair-Mane-Root (4096x4096)
  • Lion-Hair-Mane-Tip (4096x4096)
  • Eyes-Diffuse (1024x1024)
  • Eyes-Cover_Specular (1024x1024)
  • Eyes-Cover_Diffuse (1024x1024)
  • Lion-Mouth-Diffuse (4096x4096)
  • Lion-mouth-Bump (4096x4096)
  • Lion-Mouth-Normal-Map (1024x1024)

File Formats:

  • 3ds Max 2020 (Arnold)
  • 3ds Max 2017 (V-ray 3.60)
  • 3ds Max 2016 (V-ray 3.60)
  • 3ds Max 2016 (Mental Ray)
  • FBX (T-pose)
  • FBX (Lion_Walk_Animation)
  • FBX (Lion_Run_Animation)
  • FBX (Lion_Roar_Animation)
  • FBX (Lion_2_Fur_Hair_Guides_FBX)
  • FBX (Lion_2_Fur_Hair_Guides_Optimized_FBX)
  • DAE (Lion Roar Animation - Collada)
  • OBJ (Multi Format)
  • 3DS (Multi Format)
  • ABC (Lion Roar Animation - Alembic)

Rigging and Animation:

  • Rigging was accomplished via CAT object, with full FK and IK capabilities, making it ready for any animations.
  • CAT Motion animation layers facilitate walk and run animations, allowing easy customization for realistic movements.
  • Absolute (Abs) layers are available for various lion poses, such as Angry, Defense, Sitting, Rest, Hunting, Looking aside, Jump, and more.
  • The model also includes walk and run cycles, seamlessly editable through the Cat Motion Editor for further customization.
  • No postwork has been applied to Arnold renders.

This fully rigged and animated 3D lion model, complete with professional hair groom, is available for purchase and download, ensuring a seamless integration into your creative projects.


Data sheet

Animation Options
With Hair and Fur
Hair and Fur: 3Ds Max
Original File Formats:
Autodesk 3ds Max 2016
Autodesk 3ds Max 2017
Autodesk 3ds Max 2020
Exported File Formats:
.fbx - FBX
.max - 3ds Max
Mental Ray
Polygonal Quads only
UV Mapped
Unwrapped UVs
Yes, non-overlapping

Lion Roaring 3D Model: Download - 3Ds Max


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